Water Supply Project

2019 Central Water Conservancy Development Fund Water Saving Supporting Transformation Project of Hetian Irrigation District in Liling City. Guangxi Daye Construction Group Co., Ltd. Water Conservancy Project. The second phase project of Yuntian School Construction Project of Hunan Construction Engineering Group Fifth Company. Waterworks Project in Huangtuling Town and Pingyangmiao Township, Youxian County. China Construction Eighth Engineering Bureau undertook the construction of the senior high school project project in Baidong New District, Baise City. China Railway 25th Bureau Group Co., Ltd. Changsha Xiangfu Road (Hexi Section) Rapid Transformation Project.


Power Engineering

Hunan Dongfanghong Construction Group Guoliang South Road (Chigang Road-Puri Avenue) road project. Hunan Xingdian Group Co., Ltd. High-tech Zone 220kV Leifeng Transformer, 110kV Zhongdian Transformer, and Wangxi Transformer Incoming and Outgoing Line Supporting Civil Works. Jiangxi Pingxiang Economic Development Zone Power Pipeline Reconstruction Project. Construction Project Jiangxi Yichun Shanggao Langqiao Industrial Power Reconstruction Project. New District Changying Road, Minghu Lake Road, Heye Road, Nanju Road, Longhuling Road, Chayuan Road, Changyan Road, Quantangchong Road Municipal Engineering, Information Industry Park Road, Ningxiang Weifengba Substation Changsha Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. undertakes the road project of Chigang Road West Extension (Puri Avenue-Leigao Road).


Sewage Works

Hunan Chuyu Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Dong'an Economic Development Zone Industrial Park Sewage Centralized Treatment Facility Construction Project Department. Hunan Hongqi Municipal Garden Construction Co., Ltd. Xinmin Road Main Drainage Black and Smelly Water Remediation Project. AVIC Second Bureau Jianning Port Sewage Lifting Station Project. Zhuzhou City Development Group Fengxi Port Comprehensive Treatment Project. Zhuzhou Water Affairs Investment Group Co., Ltd. Baishi Port Water Environment Comprehensive Metallurgy Project.