Company Equipment

Yingzhong Pipeline takes the innovation of product technology and application as the foundation of the company's business. Always keep up with the advanced technology of foreign plastic pipes, and take the development and application of new chemical building materials as the leading direction of the industry. Absorb advanced technology and improve the market competitiveness of the entire enterprise. In order to build a modern factory, we have invested in a series of professional machinery and equipment. The annual output reaches 30,000 tons and can hold 3,000 containers.

The new pipe production line adopted is suitable for the extrusion of various polyolefin pipes. The production line has a high degree of automation, stable and reliable production, and can provide inner and outer layer composite and multi-layer composite pipe extrusion of large-diameter pipes. Moreover, we also have advanced injection molding machines, with precise process control, high output and stable quality, to provide customers with matching full-tube fitting molds. Precision multi-angle welding equipment completes large-diameter matching pipe fittings. Sophisticated machinery and equipment and perfect management system can reduce costs, shorten delivery time, and ensure the quality of each product.